The Product

Candelites Arizona makes 100% all natural scented soy candles together with flameless soy melts. These handcrafted products are poured in small batches.

ALL NATURAL. This biodegradable wax is made from vegetable derived from soybean oil which is all natural, renewable and domestically sourced. 

CLEAN BURN. These products are environment and health friendly as it burns cleanly with little soot released as it burns. Our candles use only lead and zinc free coreless cottonwick that came from natural cotton paper threads. Only a little amount of dye is added just to add vibrance to its features. 

LONGER BURN. Soy candles hold scent longer as it burns slowly while fragrance is released steadily into the air which lingers.

IMPERFECTIONS. Pure 100% soy wax is soft and creamy in texture that results in the crumbling of soy melts. Use of proper packaging supplies is observed so as to preserve the floral shape of the melts.

GO FOR FLAMELESS. If burning candles is not a preference, wax melts are available. They come as beautiful flower shaped melts and contained in a clamshell. Just use your tea light or electric wax melter to melt appropriately sized melts. Cut or break this flower melts or clamshell melts to fit on the bowl of the melter.

REUSABLE CONTAINERS. Candles come in cute reusable vessels that are easy to clean when wax is all used up. Just wash and rinse with warm soapy water. 

FRAGRANCE OVERLOAD. Chunks of melts are placed on top of the candles for a more intense fragrance throw. As these chunks melt, their higher fragrance load adds on to the candle scent.