The Creator

Hi! My name is Grace. I have been making candles since 1998 as a hobby. The candles that I made were solely given as gifts to families and friends. I was fascinated with the shapes that come out after pouring melted wax into molds. Aside from the relaxation the flame brings when I light a candle, I also love the fragrance that makes my room smell so good taking me back to my fondest memories. I started with making decorative scented candles in different shapes and truly enjoy them as they look so cute and adorable. Most of my families, friends and customers don't burn them as they only use them for ornamental purposes. As a health care worker, I opted using a natural and biodegradable source from soybeans which is soy wax. Because of a variety of beneficial reasons, I came up with this 100% all natural scented soy candles and melts for all of you candle enthusiasts and the likes. For safety purposes, I do regular candle testing to improve my products.I have my own scent collections with a few original fragrances that I hope you'll try and enjoy. Huge thanks to all of you who purchased and to those who will be interested in trying my candles. Feel free to email me at for any comments, questions and suggestions. Any word from you will be very much appreciated. I do hope my handcrafted products will bring relaxation, joy and great fragrance to your homes. Enjoy and be safe.